Our admission protocol

Our admission protocol

Parents frequently have doubts about whether the child will sleep in the hospital following surgery or will be allowed to return home immediately afterwards. Below we cover the most common question parents have about hospital admission, in the hope of clarifying any doubts beforehand.

Must the child remain hospitalized?

Not in all cases. In older patients it may be possible to perform surgery as an out-patient, meaning that he or she can return home following the intervention. This is the case with all operations carried out under local anesthetic, regardless of age.

Our hospital includes a children’s admission ward, specially designed with individual or double rooms depending on the parents’ choice, decorated with children’s motifs and bright colors in order to make the stay more pleasant.

The staff on the ward and in the operating theatre are specialized personnel with extensive experience in pediatric care. They pay close attention to every detail so that the child feels safe at all times.


Resources for parents

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What is Pediatric Surgery?

As it name indicates, pediatric surgery is that aspect of surgery dedicated to resolving surgical problems in childhood.



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Watch as clinical cases, the surgical options available for your children

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